About erinOT

The History of erinOT
In early 2017 erinOT evolved out of Erin’s desire to focus on her clinical work and dedicate her time providing specialised services for people with a disability. Erin was interested in providing a service that put the person at the centre of everything, a service that understood what each individual wants in life and a service that assists with achieving these goals.

Mission Statement
The mission of erinOT is to provide a specialised occupational therapy service to people in the community. erinOT aims to assist people with a disability to maximise their independence and participation in the community and achieve their goals.

erinOT aims to assist people with a disability to:
– complete everyday tasks as independently as possible
– pursue productive and leisure roles
– learn new skills and try new activities
– take part and build relationships in their community
– feel valued and included.

erinOT’s mission is to help people with a disability achieve what they both need to and want to, to enable them to have a good life.

Vision Statement
erinOT’s vision is to provide a quality, compassionate, person-centred service. erinOT strives to provide people with a disability with the knowledge, skills, environment, and aids to enable and empower individuals to achieve their goals.

erinOT’s values include:
– Integrity – honesty, fairness and self-scrutiny in everything that I do.
– Dedication – my commitment to others.
– Empowerment – to facilitate; motivate and inspire
– Quality – providing the highest quality service.